Glass Beaded Jewelry for All Women

glass beadsGems and beads have been women’s best friends since time unknown. The entire fate of making jewelry have been evolved rather diversified from making jewelry in precious metals to glass beads and terracotta clay. In the normal glass beads, there are various categories of beads, such as, round, abacus, bicone, oval, diamond, chips, nuggets, column, fruit, drum, bugle, butterfly, rice, square, tube, drops, and many other shapes of beads that you can buy.

Jewelry making does not require special training. You only need imagination and loads of patience. When you are buying these glass beads, also make sure you buy other jewelry findings, closures, and clasps, as they give your handmade jewelry a professional look. The variety of these beads is so umpteen that you would spend your entire days in a week to keep making interesting pieces of jewelry one after another. You could also sell these pieces that you make online or in a weekend kiosk.

The crackle glass beads come only in three varieties, such as, abacus, round, and chip. They are all dyed in different colors, and have holes that can fit a thick thread or a suede chord. Since, these beads are bigger in size and heavier in weight; you would need a strong chord to hold the beads that is made from hand. If you use a thinner chord, it is highly likely that the piece of jewelry that you have made might break. You can also use thin metallic chains that come with clasps to make a neckpiece from these beads.

The Czech glass beads come only in the variety of rounded beads and bicone beads. They come in transparent as well as mixed color. You can get two gross of these beads in a single pack. You can go for the multi color or the single color. These kinds of beads look better on toddlers than teenagers. Chunky glass or metallic beads look better in teens. If you are middle aged, go for the minimalistic look. You can wear a dangling earring or a bracelet. Avoid chunky jewelry if you are middle aged.

The electroplated glass beads also come in a humongous assorted variety. You will find them in the shape of leaves, clovers, triangles, many geometrical shapes, flowers, fishes, heart, shell, hats, accessories, and many random shapes. These are colorful, yet brittle beads. When making handmade jewelry using these beads, you must be very careful not to break the bead.


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