DIY Easy Bracelet in 5 Minutes

Easy bracelet is always popular among girls. This tutorial will teach you how to make an easy bracelet. The bracelet can make you more attractive in public. Easy beaded bracelet is made by pearl beads and wire. You will find it amusing to  DIY this easy bracelet.
Easy Bracelet in 5 Minutes
Things needed to make easy beaded bracelets:
pearl beads
aluminum wire
brass wire
Tibetan silver pendant
DIY Easy Bracelet in 5 Minutes
Instruction for making DIY easy bracelets:
First, a certain length of brass wire is needed to slide pearl beads. After that, wrap the wire at two ends and make loops in order to fix the pearl beads.
DIY Easy Bracelet
Second, a certain length of aluminum wire should be prepared and then make a wire bangle. It should be tied with the two ends of the pearl dangle.
Third, hook the pearl dangle with Tibetan silver pendant
Yeah!!It is done, an easy bracelet has been finished. Do you also think it is fantastic to DIY this easy bracelet? There will be much pleasure involved if you really try it for yourself or your best friends.


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