Making Braided Ribbon Bracelet within 2 Minutes

Did you ever finish any beautiful craft within 2 minutes? Now follow this tutorial of making braided ribbon bracelet and you are going to break through yourself. Let’s start.1-minute-DIY-Project-on-Making-an-Adorable-Ribbon-Bracelet-for-Friends
Things needed to make braided ribbon bracelet:

  1. Wide satin ribbon
  2. Faceted round glass beads
  3. Metal pendant
  4. Bead caps
  5. Jumpring
  6. Headpin
  7. Lobster claw clasp
  8. 8mm copper wire
  9. Scissors
  10. Wire cutter pliers
  11. Side cutting pliers
  12. Round nose plier

Step1: Divide the wide satin ribbon into three equal stripes.1-minute-DIY-Project-on-Making-an-Adorable-Ribbon-Bracelet-for-Friends-step1
Step2: Braid the three equal stripes together and form them into a 3-strand plait, just as following picture shows.
Step3: Get suitable length you want and then tie a simple knot at the end you braid just know.
Step4: Cut off excess ribbon. And wrap the two ends of the bracelet with 0.8mm copper wire.
Step5: Make a charm with the bead cap, headpin and glass bead.
Step6: Put the beaded dangle and your selected pendant hang on the jumpring which connect with one end of the bracelet. Then keep the jumpring closed.
Step7: Connect the two ends of the bracelet with clasp.
It is done!
Now, you must think it is much easier to make a beautiful braided ribbon bracelet than you imagine. You may feel more pleasure during the diy process. So just have a try!

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