Nice Ideas for Making Bracelet

Hello, guys. I am happy to tell you that there are beautiful accessories I’d like to share with you today. You can get supplies and make your own bracelet with following the pictures. Hope you will like them.
Rhinestone Beaded Bracelet
Rhinestone beaded bracelet
We can see that this bracelet is mainly made by rhinestone beads and brass chain. And you need jewelry wire to make two chains and rhinestone beads twisted together, just as picture shows. Then you can connect the two ends of chain with lobster claw clasp. Simple, yes?
Pearl Beaded Necklace
Pearl Beaded Bracelets
I believe everyone can finish it according to the steps of the picture. Slide the pearl beads onto the wire and thread ribbon then make a tie to connect the two ends of ribbon. It is available for beginners. Try it and start your first step of jewelry making.
So do you also finish your bracelet? I believe it must be beautiful. You can share your work with us and let us feel your joys. Ok, look forward to see you guys next time! Have a good day!
Tutorial source: 18 Ideas for DIY Fashion 


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