Pretty DIY Necklace

Hello, friends. Today I am going to share some great DIY necklace ideas for you. I believe every girl is crazy about various necklaces then they can match them with their different style of clothes. Of course I also love them so I usually learn how to make different kinds of necklaces. Now I am so honored to share some pretty DIY necklace ideas with you guys. Hope you will like them!
Green Necklace
This green necklace must surprise most people. So gorgeous! We can see that it is mainly made by green faceted jade beads and brass chain yet simple to finish it. I plan to try it! Do you want to join me?
Safety Pin Necklace
Safety-Pin-Necklace (1)
I love this design! It is the first time that I saw this kind of necklace which is made by so many safety pins. It is special and ingenious, yes? Or you can have a try to add safety pins on other style necklace and it may be look more pretty.
I bet you will be much more confident to wear them when you attend some important occasions. If you are obsessed with DIY necklace, do not hesitate, just follow the two tutorials and the projects may give you more inspiration.
Source: 17 Useful and Pretty DIY Ideas for Necklace


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