Different Styles of Pretty Earrings

Each girl wants to own different styles of jewelry, and then we can wear them according to different seasons, our different mood or different colored clothes. So we are always lack of accessory, especially the earrings for me recently. Then I plan to make earrings by learning from our customers. Are you willing to join me?
Bubble drop earringsBubble drop earrings
Designer: Anna Vives
Materials: chip natural amethyst beads strands, jump rings, cooper jewelry wire
They must be easy making crafts. Slide the chip bead onto the wire and make a loop at one end, then connect the other end with jump ring. They are really simple yet so charming. It is suitable to wear them in formal or casual situation.
Beaded dangle earrings
beaded dangle earrings
Designer: Inna Revych
Materials: glass pearl beads, earring hooks, eyepins
They are supposed to be one pair of the most special earrings you saw before. I think they are three-dimensional in shape, nice design! There is no doubt that everyone can finish them alone. Easy earrings!
Wire wrapped earrings
Wire Wrapped Earring
Designer: Hope Milner
Materials: earring hooks, glass beads, copper wire, steel memory wire
The four glass beads are placed uniquely. And they are wrapped by memory wire to fix them. Yeah, I love the noble style!
Green seed bead earrings
Green Seed Bead Earrings
Designer: Eileen McRory
Materials: seed beads,earring hooks,glass beads, tiger tail
Obviously, they look like feathers of a bird. The “feathers” are mainly made by green seed beads. It may take much time to slide those seed beads onto the tail, but they deserve your time, right?
Which style of earrings do you like best? As for me, it is hard to answer this question. So I decide to make all of them. Just give me more confidence then I will share my accessory with you guys. Hope you also like them!


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