Pretty Necklaces-You Should Collect

Hey, friends. Hope everything is going well with you guys! Today, I am going to share you four different kinds of necklaces. They are designed by our Pandahall customers, so thanks for their generous sharing. I think we are very lucky to be able to enjoy these pretty necklaces together. Let’s see them now.
Beaded flower necklace
flower beaded necklace
Designer: barbara holmes
Materials: glass seed beads, cat eye glass beads, jump rings, brass claw lobster clasp, tiger tail
Firstly, you should slide many glass seed beads, so please be patient. I think that the “flowers” were made with great skills. But I believe that you can make it if you really love jewelry making.
Mint gold and crystal statement necklace
Mint gold and crystal statement necklace.png
Designer: Elizabeth Berdis
Materials: turquoise brass round beads, brass smooth round beads, imitation jade glass beads, tiger tail, jump rings
This three beaded strands make me surprised. I want to own this kind of necklace for a long time, because I can match it with my skirt. Imagine that one day I wear it and hang out with my friends in the street, so beautiful, right?
Evil eye pendant necklace
Evil eye pendant necklace.jpg
Designer: Marginean Liana Georgeta
Materials: glass cabochon, glass beads strands, jump rings, tiger tail
Wow, this glass cabochon really looks like an eye, do you think so? This little pendant can attract our eyes firstly. And the four red glass beads make the necklace more beautiful. Creative design, right?
Rhinestone necklace
Rhinestone necklace
Designer: Emilie Brink Larsen
Materials: pearl acrylic beads, resin rhinestone beads, brass ball chain, jump rings
It is a simple necklace in appearance, but beautiful, and you will know the truth when you wear it. This pearl acrylic bead is cute in star shape. I bet there is no difficulty in making this necklace, so just make a plan and finish it soon. See you~


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