Lovely Christmas Hair Clip Making with Beads and Ribbon

Hey, friends. Nice day! Christmas is a wonderful festival, so Christmas accessories are never enough. I believe that you have prepared for much Christmas jewelry, but you will want to own another one after seeing this project. This tutorial tells us how to make lovely Christmas hair clip with acrylic beads and ribbon. Do you expect that? Let’s see it~
Supplies needed in making lovely Christmas hair clip with beads and ribbon:
Green felt
8mm pearl acrylic beads (dark red and green)
10mm red satin ribbon
Black alligator hair clip
Hot glue gun
Step 1: make beaded part
Firstly, cut off an equilateral triangle with felt and ensure that each side is 4cm.
Secondly, attach 15 green acrylic beads together with glue on the felt.
Step 2: add ribbon and hair clip
Firstly, attach the beaded part on the hair clip and keep a space at the top, just as the picture does.
Secondly, make a bowknot with red ribbon and then attach it on the top of the hair clip.
Thirdly, put three red acrylic beads onto the center of the bowknot and attach them tightly with glue.
Then it is done!
So this beautiful hair clip is finished within two steps. Do you like it? Or you can choose to add some Christmas beads to enrich this hair clip. You can make this lovely one as Christmas gift if you have a daughter. Because this cute hair clip can make her more excited. Hope you like it!
Merry Christmas~


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