Starfish Charm Bracelet Making with Turquoise and Pearl Beads

Hey, friends. Nice to see you again. Do you like charm bracelet? How about bracelet with turquoise and pearl beads? Can you imagine what it looks like? Then today I am going to show you how to make starfish charm bracelet with turquoise beads and pearl beads. Do you expect that? Let’s see it now!
Supplies needed in starfish charm bracelet made by turquoise and pearl beads:
Starfish pendant
Turquoise beads
White pearl beads
Acrylic golden round beads
Crimp beads
Toggle clasp
Jum pring
Tiger tail
Wire cutting plier
Flat plier
Step 1: make preparation for starfish bracelet
Firstly, cut off the tiger wire with suitable length and slide a crimp bead and toggle clasp onto it.
Secondly, thread the tail wire back through the crimp bead and flatten the bead with plier.
Thirdly, slide two golden beads onto the wire, then slide 3 turquoise beads and a golden bead, do it for another times.
Step 2: continue to slide beads
Firstly, slide two white pearl beads and a golden bead, and do it for another three times.
Secondly, slide a crimp bead and a tube toggle clasp onto the tiger wire. Then flatten the bead and fix the wire and clasp together.
Step 3; finish this starfish bracelet
Add the starfish to the toggle clasp and connect two clasps.
Now this starfish bracelet has been finished!
Simple tutorial, right? Do you want to make one for yourself? Easy project, it does not matter if you are a green hand. Hope this craft can bring you more inspiration for jewelry making. Enjoy!


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