Cabochons: an Integral Part of Your Jewelry Making Experience


Cabochons are one of the most used components for making various kinds of jewelry. They are polished but not faceted and usually come in convex shapes. Cabochons have been around for hundreds of years and are termed as a versatile object. It is only recently that stones are perfected using advanced technologies. On the other hand, Cabochons are usually not prepared by “cutting” rather they are made by a process called “cabbing”. This is not to say that they are not as good as other ornament making components. In fact, they are quite popular even today for transforming the complete look of the jewelry. However, cabochons don’t have a hole inside them in order to pass a wire or thread. This makes them a little bit complicated to work with. You can make a hole in to them yourself by using dremel. It is important to drill the hole carefully to avoid ruining of the material. The top of the cabochon is generally domed-shaped and the bottom is kept flat. This makes it easy to fit them in to the jewelry. You can also use glue or adhesive to fit them in the jewelry. The bottom is also not polished and is rough as compared to the top portion. Necklaces, rings, earrings have often prepared using cabochons to make them more attractive.

To make matters even better, Cabochons can be easily made at home. The whole process is barely time-consuming and surprisingly affordable. Glass cabochons are without a doubt the most popular among the numerous kinds available. They are transparent, clear and that makes them dazzling and shinning in appearance. The best quality about them is versatility in terms of size and shapes. This makes them a perfect choice to experiment with your creativity. They are well-known to add a timeless appeal to the jewelry and for that reason, they are pretty spectacular. Even today, when most advanced methods are used to cut and polish stones, the significance of cabochons cannot be neglected. For a more elegant and vintage look, gemstone cabochons can turn out to be a natural choice. They are most often used for preparing necklaces and earrings. What makes them even more superb is their striking appearance combined with sober design. Apart from that, cabochons are of many other types such as wood, metal, plastic and porcelain cabochons. Conclusively, cabochons are truly a great choice in your DIY jewelry making project.


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