ls.html How to Make Chandelier Earrings with Pink Pearl Beads

Hello, guys. Have a nice day! Do you like chandelier earrings? How about pearl chandelier earrings? If you just want to make a pair of chandelier earrings recently, then I believe that today’s tutorial can bring you any inspiration. I will show you a simple way to make a pair of pearl beaded earrings, hope you will like this project.
Jewelry making supplies in making chandelier earrings with pink pearl beads:
Tibetan style chandelier findings
8mm blue glass pearls
8mm deep pink glass pearls
6mm deep pink glass pearls
3mm pink glass pearls
Head pins
Earring hooks
Round nose plier
Flat nose plier
Wire cutter
Step 1: make beaded dangles
Firstly, slide a 6mm deep pink pearl bead onto a headpin and bend this headpin, cut off the excess part, then make a simple loop.
Secondly, make other beaded dangles with the same steps as picture shows.
Step 2: add beaded dangles to the chandelier pattern
Firstly, add pink beaded dangles to the chandelier pattern.
Secondly, slide a blue bead onto a headpin, then make a blue beaded dangle.
Thirdly, add this blue dangle onto the top position of the chandelier pattern.
Fourthly, add earring hook to the pattern.
Make another earring with the same steps. Then this pair of chandelier earrings has been finished!
Look at this pair of chandelier earrings, do you like them? You know that chandelier earrings can be suitable for many occasions, so do not worry. You can change the color of the earrings according to your desire. Then are you planning to try it?

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