The Unique Ways You Can Set Cabochons for Jewelry Making

cabochons In the world of gemstones, a cabochon is a sort of stone that has a cleaned raised top and a flat base. There are numerous shapes cabochons can be cut into, yet the most well known is oval shape. The word cabochon originates from a French expression “caboche” which implies a little arch or handle. Stones like onyx, turquoise, opal, star gemstones and moonstones are formed into cabochons for two primary reasons. These stones can’t be faceted because they are not as hard as different other gemstones. Furthermore, some of these stones, for example, the cat’s eye stone have a recognizable eye in the focal point of the stone and cleaning it as opposed to faceting it will make this element noticeable.

Usually, a cabochon setting is expected to set the stone which can then be incorporated into adornments manifestations. Since these stones don’t have gaps, they can’t be sewed utilizing needles and string. They should be stuck to their settings and afterward utilized as a part of gems making. In any case, presently, there are numerous other fascinating and unique ways available to set cabochons for gems making. Check them out.

Seed beads

One of the primary ways in which you can secure cabochons in adornments is by utilizing seed globules. You can keep the cabochons set up by weaving the beads nearby the cabochons in any shape.


You can likewise make utilization of soutache strings to show your cabochons. This process includes a blend of beading and sewing that truly stands out. Soutache lines are available in a wide range of colors and sizes so it is simple for you to pick those which run well with your cabochons.


You can also think about making sparkly using cabochons so you can frame the stones by cupchains. These are accessible in a variety of metal tones and hues that you can decide to either match or stand out from your other stones. You can also join this procedure with beading and soutache.


It is really easy to utilize polymer mud as a setting for your cabochons stone. The idea is fascinating and novel also. To set your stone, you have to form the mud around the stone and heat it. But, you should ensure that the stone you have picked is really solid to withstand the warmth. Abstain from utilizing plastic or acrylic cabochons as these might soften easily.


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