Nice Tutorial on How to Make a Wedding Pearl Lace Bracelet

Hi, friends. Do you need wedding jewelry? How about a wedding bracelet for bride? If yes, then you can pay more attention to today’s tutorial on how to make a wedding pearl lace bracelet. Just prepare jewelry making supplies and make one for yourself.
Supplies needed in making pearl lace bracelet:
Golden aluminum wire
12mm white pearl beads
Golden eyepins
White lace
Wire cutting plier
Round nose plier
Flat plier
Step 1: make dangles and basic bracelet pattern
Firstly, slide a pearl bead onto an eyepin and cut off the extra part then make a simple loop. And make another same 14 dangles with same steps.
Secondly, cut off the aluminum wire about 30cm, fold it into half and twist the wire just as picture shows.
Thirdly, add these beads links onto the wire in order and make a loop at the end, then cut off the excessive wire.
Step 2: add the lace
Firstly, prepare a long piece of lace and wrap the lace around the wire slowly and carefully. And do the same to other side.
Secondly, bend the wire beaded pattern according to your wrist, and connect two ends then make a tie at the ends.
Now this wedding pearl bracelet has been finished!
Do you like this pearl bracelet? Please read it again if there is anything you do not understand or tell me. You can wear this bracelet to attend your friend’s wedding. Is it a great choice, yes? Then do not forget to share this project with your sweet friends. Enjoy!


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