How to Make a Wedding Necklace with Pearl Beads and Ribbon

Hey, girls. Do you have suitable jewelry to wear when you are going to be a bridal or attend your friend’s wedding? Do not worry, you will have a good choice after seeing this tutorial. Today, I will share you how to make a wedding necklace with pearl beads and ribbon, and the details are listed as below.
Supplies needed in making pearl and ribbon necklace:
4mm white pearl beads
6mm white pearl beads
8mm white pearl beads
6mm white crystal beads
Crimp beads
Tiger tail
Pink ribbon
Iron needle
White sewing thread
Wire cutting plier
Flat plier
Step 1: make basic beaded part of the bracelet
Firstly, cut off a piece of tiger tail about 80cm and fold it in half, then slide a crimp bead onto it, and flatten it with jewelry plier.
Secondly, slide a 6mm pearl bead, a 4mm pearl bead, a 6mm pearl bead onto the upper wire in order, and slide an 8mm pearl bead onto the lower wire, then slide a 6mm crystal bead to both wire. After that, continue to slide beads in opposite direction.
Thirdly, continue to slide beads and stop sliding when you have used twelve beads patterns. Then you will get the beads string like below.
Step 2: finish this wedding necklace making
Firstly, cut off two pieces of pink ribbon about 15cm.
Secondly, connect the ribbon and the beads string by making a knot to fix them tightly at two ends.
Thirdly, tie the two ribbons with making a suitable bow knot, and you can do it according to the picture below.
Then this necklace has been finished!
And now how do you think of this wedding necklace? You know that girls just need different kinds of jewelry to wear in different occasions, then make a plan to make one for yourself. Waiting for your great works.


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