DIY Green 2-Hole Seed Beads Bracelet with Bulge Beads

Hello, friends. Do you want to make a special bracelet for yourself? Then you can check this post on how to make green bracelet with 2-hole seed beads and bulge beads. Are you interested in it? Follow me to see the details below.
Supplies needed for green beaded bracelet making:
5×3.5x3mm Green 2-Hole Seed Beads
Brass Magnetic Slide Lock Clasps
2mm Green Glass Seed Beads
0.5mm Silver Glass Bugle Beads
0.2mm Clear Transparent Fishing Thread Nylon Wire
Instruction on how to make green 2-hole seed beads bracelet with bulge beads:
Step 1: Start to slide beads
Firstly, slide four seed beads onto a long piece of fishing wire and wrap the one end around the slide lock clasp;
Secondly, add a seed bead, a bulge bead onto the wire and slide a green 2-hole seed bead onto the middle part;
Thirdly, continue to slide beads until you get desired length, then add four seed beads onto the end and wrap it onto the slide lock clasp.
Step 2: Continue to make beads strands
Firstly, add four seed beads onto another fishing wire and continue to slide a seed bead, a bulge bead, then add two 2-hole seed beads onto the middle part of this strand pattern;
Secondly, add four green seed beads onto the end of the bead strand, then wrap it onto the other end of the slide lock clasp.
Step 3: Make more beaded strands
Firstly, make the third strand with the same steps and add three 2-hole seed beads onto it;
Secondly, continue to make more strands and add the relevant 2-hole seed beads.
Step 4: Finish this green 2-hole seed beads bracelet
Firstly, continue to make bead strands until you get ten strands in total and ensure the number of the 2-hole seed beads is right;
Secondly, close the slide lock clasp.
Now this seed beads bracelet has been finished!
Look at this lovely beads bracelet, do you like it? It is really a great design to add 2-hole seed beads into the middle part, right? It is simpler to finish than you imagine, so have a nice try! See you!


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