DIY Pearl Ring with Glass Beads within Ten Minutes

Hello, friends. Are you searching for a simple beaded ring tutorial? Then this project is a great choice for you. You can prepare the supplies firstly then start your crafting works with following this tutorial. Hope you will like it.
Supplies needed for this pearl ring making:
10mm Yellow Faceted Round Jade Beads
2.5x2mm Silver Iron Spacer Beads
6mm Clear Bicone Glass Beads Strands
4mm AB Color Clear Bicone Glass Beads Strands
4mm White Round Glass Pearl Beads Strands
LightGrey Tiger Tail
Instruction on how to make this pearl ring:
Step 1: Slide beads onto the wire
Firstly, cut off a piece of copper wire and slide clear glass beads, spacer beads and pearl bead onto it then cross another pearl bead, then tighten the wire;
Secondly, continue to add glass beads, pearl beads and spacer beads onto it to make the second same pattern;
Thirdly, continue to make another three same beaded patterns with the above same steps, then thread the wire through the glass bead and tighten them.
Step 2: Add yellow bead onto the center pattern
Firstly, slide a yellow faceted jade bead onto the wire and put it into the center part;
Secondly, thread the wire through the glass bead and tighten the pattern.
Step 3: Finish this pearl ring
Firstly, slide some spacer beads onto the two wires until you get desired length according to finger;
Secondly, cross the middle bead and continue to add more spacer beads, then keep the same length with the first strand;
Thirdly, thread the wire through the glass bead, then fix them tightly and cut off the extra wire.
You can see the final pearl ring:
Have you got this pearl ring making skills? It can be finished within three steps and you can do it quickly if you often make any jewelry or crafts. White and yellow is a good match to combine, so are you going to try it?


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