Bring The Beauty Of Wood Beads To Your Jewelry Collection


Wood beads have a richness when coated by glossy colors that makes for sensational jewelry designs. The beat online stores ensure that these colors and the products are free of lead. In addition to having mixed colors, wood beads can also have prints on them. They are available in the standard sizes that beads are usually available in. Some of these beads are ideal to be gifted to children with animal shapes with larger models also suitable as pendants. The shapes that are available are round, oval and flat round.

Abacus-shaped wood beads are one of the simplest designs. They can be used to add attraction to a necklace or bracelet. Coffee or coconut-brown colored pieces are exceptional whereas all the colors assembled together in a mixed-color ornament would have quite a smashing appeal. Abacus pieces are either in opaque and spray=painted style or in fancy drawing style. Barrel-shaped pieces are an elongation of the abacus shape, providing more scope for artistic designs such as prints. Barrels can also have faceted designs on them. A variation of the barrel is the rondelle shape. Colors such as Camellia and deepsky blue are very attractive among the rondelle colors while brown and burly wood give a very organic appearance. They are available with a drilled hole or with no hole. When the rondelle is made without a hole, it can be used for earrings. The donut shape can be used to form a linking ring, with their wider holes.


Among the interesting wood beads are bowknots which are suitable for children. Angel and fairy shapes are very unique and make up great-looking pendants. The beads are also available as signs such as letters of the alphabet. Column-shaped pieces have a simple appearance but pack quite a punch with their structural symmetry. With mixed colors, the columns get added attractiveness. Some more of the unique shapes are those of musical instruments, food, shoes, vase and vehicle. The styles include opaque and drawbench, and opaque and spray-painted.

With many offers and discounts, you are always bound to get a satisfied feeling when building up your jewelry workshop. Most offers are more than 50 percent off with many promotions and new arrivals making their appearances regularly. Small lots are also available if you do not want hundreds of pieces. The best seller picks are always the most exciting with awesome designs coming up on top as they wow people around the world.


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