Dazzling Collection Of Aluminum Wires For Stranding Your Jewelry


Aluminum wire for holding your jewelry supplies can be picked up in sizes of 1 mm in diameter or 2 mm or one in between. There is also a 0.8 mm size. The 2mm ones can be quite costlier when compared with the others. With color, you get close to 15 selections. Mixed colors are the ones that are really being opted for by most jewelry creators. Gold colored aluminum wire products are also quite in demand even though they are a bit on the costlier side. If you want a less-striking color, you can opt for silver. The number of rolls that are available in one package varies as do the length of the rolls which can be from 2 meters to 10 meters. Some of the orders take 3 days to process while a few even take a week.

Interesting color combinations that are available include yellow-green, medium-violetred and light khaki. A striking red color is listed among the hot categories with a diameter of 0.8 mm. At a little less than 6 dollars, you can get 10 rolls with each roll of 10 meters each. A White smoke colored aluminum wire is also listed among the hot categories, is 2mm in diameter, at 50 meters per roll is just short of $7.50. Also 2mm in diameter is a golden color at around the same price and around the 50 meters per roll as well. The same cost and length of roll is available in a pleasing bright orange, pale turquoise and medium orchid. Bold lime green and hot pink are available at 200 meters per roll in 0.8 mm diameter at around $6.50. However, the ready time for all of these aforementioned colors can be as much as eight days. A supreme firebrick color is available in three days, also at around 200 meters per roll, at a cost of just over $9.


Listing out the other colors, we have saddle brown, sandy brown, coconut brown, cerise, royal blue, steel blue, deep sky blue, dark violet, light green, lawn green, dark turquoise, dark orange, dark red, camel, peachpuff, lavender, green-yellow, burly wood, Sienna, Light-streetblue and pearlpink.

The more the number of rolls that are on offer, the better the price you get will be. Bring all of your vast collection of beads and pendants into a fine assemblage using the robust colors and sizes available over aluminum wires.


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