Grab Wholesale Buttons In Hundreds Of Shapes And In Widest Material Choice


Wholesale buttons come in standard shapes such as a flat round and a half round. Regular innovative shapes are available such as a flower and a heart while creatively exuberant shapes such as clothes, vehicles and sports goods are among the best ways to turn a regular jewelry into something extra special. Among clothes, you can get gloves, while among vehicles you can get cars and sailing boats. Among the car-shaped ones are acrylic shank buttons dyed dark red and about 17 mm in length. In addition to their standard use as buttons, they can also be used as embellishments. These beautiful shapes are available at $0.78 for 100 pieces with a discount that is well over 50 percent.

There are quite a number of rabbit-shaped wholesale buttons with fifty different designs. Predominantly, they are made of acrylic shank with a few plastic shank ones. They are available in a wide assortment of colors such as pink, dark red, medium purple and magenta. You can pick up over 400 of these at a little over $4. You can use them as buttons or as button closures. Mixed color pieces are especially attractive and come at $5 for 400 pieces.


Similarly enticing are the sheep-shaped wholesale buttons with the dark red ones standing out in attracting the eye. These shape faces are quite a bargain at just under $0.60 for a package of 100 pieces. Equally attractive are those colored cornflower blue and green-yellow. If you want a real small and stylish selection, you will find it in the ladybug shape. For those who love dogs, there are four buttons  for clothes design.

If plastic does not appeal to you too much, you can opt for wooden buttons with all the extraordinary shapes. Butterflies with two holes and dyed as well as printed in mixed colors are exemplary additions to your collection at $2.50 for 100 pieces. Dot polka designs are available at $1.75 for 50 pieces. Simpler burlywood buttons can be purchased at under $19 for 1000 pieces.

The other shapes that are available among the wood collection are horse, cat, elephant, fish, deer and musical instruments. Among the other materials are acrylic, resin, shell and button. Coconut buttons are enticing with their coffee and brown colors in all the regular shapes as well as unique ones such as bear and bowknot. Assorted buttons consist of materials like black agate and picture jasper.


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