Acquire Wholesale Beads At Best Prices


Wholesale beads collections at your favorite site comprise a whole lot of new arrivals for the season. They include models made from agate, transparent acrylic and new types such as European dangle. Natural agate pieces that have been frosted make a great accessory to put together your own strand of jewelry. If you would rather have readymade strands, wholesale beads are also available in the form of strands in a bag. One such strand collection is that made of cube glass of mixed color. There are 35 pieces in each strand and 14 strands in a bag that costs about $1.50. This is the great thing about having a store that offers bulk purchases. You get extraordinary collections at affordable prices and then there are exciting offers as well.

Find out a special offer on quartz beads in order to discover the amazing world of online purchases for making up your jewelry collection. The offer is on natural rutilated quartz glass beads. They come in strands of 48 pieces per strand. The size of each bead is 8 mm while the hole is 1 mm in size. A bag with five strands per package is available at $27.87. Rutile is a mineral that has a natural shine.


Another special offer among wholesale beads is on oval wood pieces of mixed color which are free of lead. These are dyed pieces and have a size of about 6 mm with a hole of about 1.5 mm. Hundred pieces make up a package that costs $0.14 with the price going down as you buy more packages.

Looking at a costlier product, Dangle beads which are made of Thai Sterling Silver and comprising of a glass ball of pink color having a butterfly inside of antique silver of about 14 mm in size is available at $52 with five pieces making up the package. Another product but not of such high value is frosted glass beads made of transparent round glass is available strung together. Each strand consists of fifty pieces. A package of 20 strands costs about $17. Finally, let us check out a product that is selling fast and is also a special offer. The product is Howlite bead strands which are natural and round in shape with about 10 mm size. There are 30 pieces in each strand and a pack of 3 costs about $8. With wholesale offers that are innumerable and varied, you can get the best offer on jewelry components.


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