DIY Simple Hematite Beads and Glass Beads Bracelet

Hey, friends. Do you want to make a bracelet for yourself? Then how do you think of this cool hematite beaded bracelet? This simple bracelet is a great choice for both boys and girls, so you can also make one for your boyfriend as Valentine’s gift. Now, follow me to check the tutorial below.
Supplies needed for this simple hematite and glass beads bracelet:
8mm Black Hematite Beads
6mm Black Hematite Beads
7x2mm Black Hematite Disc Beads
6mm Clear Glass Beads
Platinum Memory Wire
Silver Headpins
Side Cutting Pliers
Round Nose Pliers
Instruction on how to make this simple beaded bracelet:
Step 1: Slide the hematite beads
Firstly, cut off a piece of memory wire and make a loop at one end, then slide many 6mm black hematite beads onto the wire;
Secondly, add enough beads like below picture shows.
Step 2: Add glass beads
Firstly, slide a clear glass bead, two disc hematite beads onto the wire, then continue to add the beads in order;
Secondly, stop adding beads until you get below pattern then make another loop at the end.
Step 3: Finish this hematite and glass beads bracelet
Firstly, make two dangles with hematite beads, glass beads and headpins;
Secondly, attach the dangles onto the two ends.
Then this cool beaded bracelet has been finished.
Now, how do you feel about this hematite and glass beads bracelet? If you also love it, you definitely should consider giving it a try and it will surprise you. Valentine’s Day is coming, you can make same two for you and your lover. See you next time!


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