DIY Tibetan Flower Dangle Earrings and Ring Set in a Simple Way

Hey, friends. Do you like flower jewelry? Then how do you think of the below earrings and ring? The Tibetan flower earrings and ring can be made in a simple way. You will know it is the truth after seeing the tutorial. Have a nice try!
Materials and tools are needed for the flower earrings and ring set:
Yellow Resin Rose Flower
Tibetan Style Flower Pendant Cabochons
Tibetan Style Flower
Adjustable Brass Ring Components
8mm White Round Pearl Beads
6mm White Round Pearl Beads
4mm White Round Pearl Beads
Antique Bronze Earring Hooks
Antique Bronze Jump Rings
Needle Nose Plier
Glue Gun
Instruction on how to make Tibetan flower earrings and ring:
Firstly, glue a yellow flower resin onto the Tibetan flower cabochon;
Secondly, connect the Tibetan flower link with the cabochon by jump ring;
Thirdly, add earring hook onto the top of the link;
Fourthly, make another same earring in the same steps.
Fifthly, glue the flower and pearl beads onto the ring component to make the flower ring.
Now, you can see the final look of the Tibetan flower earrings and ring set:
Another picture to enjoy:
Now, do you believe that you can finish them in five minutes alone? So it is almost finished after you got all the supplies you need, then you can make your own one. See more original projects from if you are interested. See you next time!


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