Collection Of Wholesale Beads That Will Excite You


Wholesale beads are one of the best ways that you can make up a great jewelry portfolio that brings excited customers. The kind of stones and materials that are available online is something that you will be amazed every time that you log on to make a purchase. When you check out clay models, you will be able to go down further into the list by branching into polymer, porcelain and clay collections from Indonesia.

Let us begin by checking out what the Indonesian collections contain in your quest for the best pick amongst wholesale beads. You will discover some of the most enticing handmade models within this category. Sampling one or two, let us begin with a black-colored model on an iron tube. It has inlaid acrylic rhinestone making up quite an innovative design. Another handmade model has alloy golden metal color beads on hematite which is very artistically done. One more design has a brass core with skyblue color.


Moving on to another category within wholesale beads, we get seed and bugle beads. Within this category, there are round seed beads, two-cut seed beads, fringe seed beads and bugle beads. Looking into bugles, we get a brown color piece 33 millimeters by three millimeters with a hole of about 0.7 mm. Another size within the collection is 17 millimeters by two millimeters with a hole of about 1 millimeter. While the former is available in packages of 100 pieces, the latter is available in packages of 200 pieces. There is a smaller size too within this collection with a size of 4.5 millimeters by two millimeters, which is about the size of two inches. This white-colored piece is available in a package that has 14000 pieces.

Now, let us see the two cut seed beads collection. These are also available in vast numbers in the orders of a many thousands. Made of glass, they are transparent and have inside colors. They are very tiny in size at about just over 2 millimeters. Other models include one with a silver-lined round hole. In terms of size, there are bigger ones too within this collection with about 7 millimeters by two millimeter.

Moving on to another special category, we find Austrian crystal beads. They are available as three-millimeter or four-millimeter bicone pieces, in mixed color and as 12 millimeter-faceted rondelle pieces. A six-millimeter ruby is in high demand as are five-millimeter bicones.

background from antique jewelry

A special material is cinnabar which is a natural material that is bright red. They are made in quite a large number of shapes including the standard round, barrel and the special shapes such as plants and animals. They are also available as carved lacquerware or in firebrick options such as flower, lotus and elephant. A black-colored option is also available. Within the shapes, interesting shaped include horn and Buddha-head.

As you can make out, there is a never-ending design range that makes your purchase options for the making of jewelry the most efficient and simplest it can be.


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