DIY Wire Wrapped Earring and Ear Cuff with Red Glass Beads

Hi, girls. Do you want to try any cool jewelry? How do you think of wire wrapped earring and ear cuff? Then you can look at below picture and check if you like them. Follow me to see the making details and have a nice try!
Materials and tools needed for wire wrapped earring and ear cuff:
0.8mm Silver Copper Wire
6mm Red Bicone Glass Beads
Silver Earring Hooks
Silver Headpins
Round Nose Pliers
Long Nose Pliers
Side Cutting Pliers
Instruction on how to make wire wrapped earring and ear cuff:
Step 1: finish the wire wrapped ear cuff making
1st, cut off a piece of 0.8mm copper jewelry wire, then fold it in half;
2nd, twist the wire like the below picture shows;
3rd, slide two 6mm red glass beads onto two wires, then twist two loops in the end.
Step 2: finish the wire dangle earring making
1st, slide a 6mm red glass bead onto a headpin, then twist the headpin for some loops;
2nd, attach an earring hook onto the dangle to finish the dangle earring making.
Now, you can see the final dangle earring and ear cuff:
You should feel free to tell your opinions about the earring and ear cuff. Simple to make, right? Now, hope you can have a nice try! See you then!


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