Lovely Dolls And Girls In Wood Beads


Wood beads are as beautiful as those made of other materials with certain shapes coming across as more appealing when they are made of this most elegant of materials. Let us look into a few interesting shapes that are made with this material beginning with objects from dolls. There is a separate category of designs based on dolls. There are three models and let us see each one of them. The first is a pendant which has its design origin in Russia. They are printed and come with platinum tone iron findings. These mixed-color pieces come in packages of 100 pieces each. The cost of a package is close to $11. These 37 by 16 millimeter pieces are making quite a mark and are flying off the shelves. The price is a 30 percent discount.

Another piece, also a pendant while arrayed among wood beads is made of a beautiful cornsilk color. These are larger than the first doll we saw at 47 by 35 millimeters. A package of 300 pieces costs about $36. A third model among the doll collections is also of a similar dimension while coming in a wheat color. It costs lower though at about $29 for 300 pieces.


Moving on to other life-like figures, we find the collection named Humans among the wood beads. There are more than 20 designs within this collection. One named Lovely Girl comes in a size of 65 by 23 millimeters also making up a pendant. This design comes with prints on a dyed background with the color being marine blue. An order of 500 pieces costs about $34. At the same price for the same number of pieces comes another Lovely Girl design, this time dyed in hot pink, and with prints as well. The size is smaller though at 46 by 28 millimeters.

A quite-smaller design also labeled as a pendant is one with a single side design of a girl in a light sky blue color. This one of 30 by 17 millimeters comes at about $13 for 300 pieces.

Let us close with a look at some regular pieces. We pick a very bright-colored piece that has ben dyed green while being free of lead. These are 18 by 17 millimeters and have a hole of 4 millimeters which do not come in as many designs as those with small holes. About 300 pieces cost $5.


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