DIY Simple Gemstone Beaded Pendant Chain Necklace You Should Have a Try

Hi, girls. Are you looking for any simple beads chain necklace? If yes, you can check this Pandahall tutorial about how to make a simple beaded pendant chain necklace. Now, you can follow me to see the making details below and have a nice try!
Materials and tools needed for gemstone beads chain necklace:
Green Bullet Gemstone Beads
Mixed Color Gemstone Pendants
16x8mm Beige Glass Pearl Beads
8mm White Glass Pearl Beads
Mixed Shape Tibetan Style Toggle & Tbar
Iron Cross Chains
Silver Headpins
Silver Jump Rings
Flat Nose Pliers
Round Nose Pliers
Side Cutting Pliers
Instruction on how to make gemstone beads chain necklace:
Step 1: make the first part of the chain necklace
Firstly, make two 8mm pearl beads dangles and a round pearl and oval pearl dangle;
Secondly, take off the ring from the clasp, then attach a clasp and Tbar onto a piece of chain.
Step 2: make the second part of the chain necklace
Firstly, connect the pearl beads dangle with two clasp, then attach another piece of chain;
Secondly, add a clasp onto the chain and hang two gemstone pendants onto the clasp;
Thirdly, attach another 8mm pearl dangle onto the pendant clasp.
Step 3: finish the gemstone beads chain necklace
Firstly, attach a jump ring onto a gemstone pendant;
Secondly, hang the pendant onto the clasp to finish this gemstone beads necklace making.
Now, you can see the final look of the gemstone beads necklace:
See, a simple yet beautiful gemstone beads necklace has been finished within three steps. Do you like it? Now, you should make a schedule and start your own crafting road from this project. Please let me know if there is any question you meet during the process. See you!


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