How to Make Glass and Jade Beads Earrings within Three Steps

Do you want to try a pair of unique beautiful earrings? How about the one-glass and jade beads earrings? This pair of earrings that I’m going to share you today can be one of your favorite  earrings.pandahall-earrings-project-how-to-make-glass-and-jade-beads-earrings4
Cannot wait to get started, right? First of all, you need to prepare the following materials:
6x4mm Dark Blue Electroplate Glass Beads
6mm Mixed Color Mashan Jade Beads
8x6mm Goldenrod Glass Beads
8x6mm CornflowerBlue Glass Beads
Silver Earring Hooks
Iron Cross Chains
Silver Eyepins
Silver Headpins
Flat Nose Pliers
Round Nose Pliers
Side Cutting Pliers
Then you can follow these steps to make the glass and jade bead earrings:
Step 1: make glass and jade beads dangles
1st, make a 6x8mm cornflower blue glass bead dangle and make a simple loop at the end;
2nd, add a 6mm red jade bead and an 8x6mm goldenrod glass bead onto a headpin, then then make several wire circles and a loop at the end;
3rd, cut off a piece of cross chain and hang this two beads dangle onto this chain.
Step2: make the basic part of the earrings
1st, slide two 6x4mm dark blue glass beads and a cornflower blue glass bead onto the eyepin, and thread the eyepin through the chains, then make a loop;
2nd, make another two jade beads and two glass beads dangle with eyepin, then add it through the chain, like picture shows.
Step 3: finish the glass and jade beads earrings
1st, make two glass and jade beads dangles, then add them onto the chain;
2nd, slide a blue glass bead onto an eyepin to make a dangle and add it onto the above part;
3rd, add an earring hook onto the top, then make another same earring in the same steps.
And you can see the final look:
Different earrings are needed in different occasions, a pair of handmade unique glass beads earrings can always make you stand out, and you can try different colors of glass or jade beads, so why don’t you try now?


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