Top 5 Creative Craft Ideas for 2018 spring From Beebeecraft

Jewelry making and craft are wonderful experience for those who love them. The project can boost positive mental health, encourage mindfulness, allow us to socialize and even improve our physical wellbeing. The 2018 spring is coming, let’s learn what the trends are and get inspiration from them. Here is the top 5 creative craft ideas for you and you can buy all the jewelry craft supplies from

Colorful Glass Bead Flower Bracelet

The major materials are glass beads and some jewelry tools and supplies. To make glass bead bracelets, you can choose Czech glass beads as the flower’s petals, pearl beads as its heart, green heart beads as its leaf, and connect each flower with seed beads. It looks lovely and alive.


Beautiful Beaded Long Red Earrings

The earrings are mainly made of red faceted glass beads and green 3mm seed beads. First we should make a shape of flower, then make the dangle, at last connect the earring hooks. It’s easy enough for you to have a try. The red and green dangle earrings always make you remind of the beautiful spring day.


Adorable Green Flower Necklace

This green flower necklace is really beautiful and leaving us a feeling of fresh. But the most challenging part of designing the necklace is to collect the beads. While the main bib portion consists of an array of oval bead, lightweight acrylic bead is a good choice. Once you have figured out how to place the beads, the rest is easy!


Amazing Wire Wrapped Flower Ring

The flowers are at their best in spring. This is the inspiration for this wire wrapped flower ring. What you needed in this flower ring making are green aluminum wire, green copper wire, green seed beads and red rose bead. Of course the pliers are necessary, too. First make the shape of flower with aluminum, and then fill with the green seed beads, finally fasten the red rose bead to the middle. Easy to make, right?


Charming Seed Beads Flower Necklace

This creation is deeply loved by those who love seed beads jewelry, as it’s finished by colorful seed beads. The most difficult prat during this project is to make the 5 flowers. Use the tiger wire to help making a circle and six petals, then thread the seed beads to make the flower vivid. The rest is to make the basic necklace ornament and add six lowers to it. What a delicate and fresh flower necklace. Suit for spring so much!


Do you like the ideas? You may find there are something in common among the 5 ideas. They all have flower as theme and green color to show vitality. These are just what the symbol of spring. Do you have some inspiration for your spring design? Flowers and green. Just try to make your spring jewelry now.


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