5 kinds of Beebeecraft popular fashion beads

More and more people get interested in the jewelry and craft making, and the beads are the most popular and the most widely-used jewelry making materials. Jewelry making beads come in many types and sizes, and in lots of different materials, They are made of wood, glass, shell, plastic, ceramics, metal and even bone. There are also plenty of different shapes and styles on Beebeecraft to choose from.

Here, we want to introduce to you different kinds of beads. We hope it can help you in deciding which beads to choose for your crafts.

1. Seed Beads


These are small round shaped beads which are made of glass and come in a wide variety of colours, clear, iridescent or silver lined. The bugle beads are part of the seed bead group as they are available in very small sizes and shaped like a tube. They can be used in many jewelry making projects and also for needle work.

2. Crystal Beads 


Crystal beads are made out of leaded glass, giving it a highly refractive quality. They are usually the finest cut and faceted, crystal beads are very popular because of their sparkling and crystal-clear finishes.

3. Rhinestone beads


Shiny things can always attract the attention of people, So rhinestone beads become the first choice for jewelry making materials when you want your DIY products to sparkle. These beads have a clay base with many Czech crystals set closely together over the surface to create a really sparkly, eye-catching bead.

4. Pearl beads


Pearl beads are always gorgeous, classic and people will looks more elegant when they wear pearl jewelry. Natural pearls are usually pink, peach or mauve in color, but now the glass pearl beads are available and glass pearl come in a lot of colors and always in round shapes. People will choose the glass pearl to make graceful jewelry, and they can be used to make all kinds of jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and so on. If you are a jewelry making enthusiasts, you definitely have made some pearl beads jewelry, they won’t let you down.

5. Gemstone Beads


Beautiful gemstone beads and semi precious beads are the world’s natural treasure and multitudinous in shapes and categories. Agate, Lava, Howlite, Quartz, Amethyst, etc. are all popular stone beads for you to choose from. Who can resist the appeal of them? Just begin to personalize special gift with them!

Different people have their own favorite beads and different beads suit different kinds of jewelry, hope this beebeecraft articles have helped and inspired you, Beebeecraft also offers all kinds of beads of brand Pandahall Elite, Hope that they will help you to make more gorgeous and beautiful jewelry.


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