Easy Beebeecraft Steps on Making Personalized Tibetan Style Cabochon Setting Hanging Ornaments

Summary: Glass cabochon settings are really popular in personalized jewelry making. This easy DIY project is on making Tibetan style hanging ornament, hope you enjoy it!


With aluminum wire and Tibetan style cabochon settings, you could also make your own personalized hanging ornaments! I listed the detailed steps in this tutorial, from which you could get some inspirations on your jewelry diy projects. Have a nice try!

Supplies in making the personalized Tibetan style cabochon setting hanging ornaments:

6mm Red Faceted Glass Beads
Glass Cabochon Setting
3mm Gold Bead Spacers
Gold Bead Caps
1mm Aluminum Wire
Ancient Bronze Jump Rings
Glue Gun
Long Nose Plier
Round Nose Plier
Side Cutting Plier

Instructions on making the stylish cabochon setting hanging ornaments:

Step 1: Stick photo on the tray

Choose your photo according to your own favor, then paste it on the bronze tray as shown.

Step 2: Twist the hanging hook

1st, snip off a piece of 1mm aluminum wire, and twist a small loop at one end;
2nd, thread the wire through a 6mm red faceted glass bead, a gold bead cap and a 3mm gold bead spacer in sequence;
3rd, twist a snail hoop with plier as shown in the picture below.

Step 3: Finish the stylish cabochon setting hanging ornament

Hook the hanging crock to the Tibetan style cabochon setting with a bronze jump ring.

Here shows the final look of the Tibetan style cabochon setting ornaments that with different photos in!

I love these small ornaments with my own favor and I could paste the photo I love and the image I appreciate in the trays! It’s pretty cool to do this, right? No more hesitation, try them today!

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