Beebeecraft Crackle Glass Beads with Dramatic Colors

Summary: Crackle glass beads are one of our best- selling beads. These richly-colored glass beads with colorful fluent vein on the surface make the beads look more charming and attractive. They also have wide usages.

Crackle glass beads are heated and rapidly cooled to produce internal crackles. It seems like an explosion happens inside the glass beads and then gives birth to thousands of flowers. Crackles increase light reflection inside the beads deepening the drama of color. Next, let’s know more information about crackle glass beads.


The crackle glass beads can be divided into five groups according the difference of style: Transparent, Electroplate, Drawbench, Frosted, and Spray Painted. Each style has its characters. They are high quality and low price. And we list some styles of the crackle glass beads, you can have a look.

The crackle glass beads are made into different sizes and shapes. We have them in shapes including round, chip, barrel, cube, oval and so on. And they are available in different sizes from 1mm to 39mm, which can meet your needs about size. You don’t need to worry about the color. We have crackle glass beads in various colors such as red, sky blue, clear, blue and so on. You can certainly find the crackle glass beads you want in our Beebeecraft web store.

The reflective surfaces created from the heating and cooling crackle technique bring brilliant radiance with every movement. So crackle glass beads are very suitable for jewelry making. They will add glory to your jewelry. You can use them to make all kinds of jewelry and the finished project will be very attractive and beautiful.

We offer you various crackle glass beads at wholesale prices. Please feel free to search on our website store and contact us if you have any problem.


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