Beebeecraft Exquisite Combination of Pearl and Seed Beads jewelry

Summary: Just by applying a little change, the plain seed beads and pearls can be matched to make a stunning result, let’s get to know about them soon!

Perhaps you have had thousands of times to suppose “what if…”, while I have to break down your hypothesis – this is a never-gonna-be-realized one, because when facing making a –long-life chooses, we’ll never have a second chance in almost all of our life once we made our determination to deal with hard stuffs! However, we can make changes; even a slightest change can make a big success sometimes!

Well, when it comes to jewelry, it does apply perfectly for the “changes” melody!

After upkeep, a broken brooch can be changed into a delicate pendant, a used cheese grafter can be changed into the most creative and perfect jewelry display, how can you resist the sign of changes?

It is a truth that singular glass pearl beads cannot exude its charm alone no matter how gorgeous it can be, singular  seed bead will be seemed almost in a still and plain state, however, when joined with each other, they can be the most elegant and beautiful combination? Do you believe it? Well, let us witness the magical time together! Here is the two items we make for our friends in private, how do you think of them?


Exquisite is always gained from the ordinary, just as the truth is gained from life while will always be practiced by life!

Do you want to make one like them? Here is a simple introduction on pearls and seed beads in our website. With about 17 categories of shape, there is about 2093 polished pearl, shell pearl and Keshi Pearl items of grade A and Grade B in our website, which would be listed in the size of 1~ 40mm,you see, an affluent chooses for pearls can definitely meet any choose for our customers.

Then, here comes the seed beads. In most occasions, we will not see it beaded as the main role but an auxiliary role, it can always reflect the beauty for the main gem, the relatively lager beads, the collecting joint, but we can seldom see it appeared as the main role! Then, if you love it, why not thinking about giving it the role to become the star? It can be changed into miracle!!

Here is a simple introduction on seed beads on Beebeecraft, types can be divided into seed bead 6/0, 8/0, 11/0, 12/0, 15/0; with shapes of Ceylon, opaque colors lustered, iris round, transparent colors lustered, the color can be recognized as Opaque colors, transparent colors, luminous inside colors, silver lined and transparent colors rainbow and so on.  See more detailed information please click Beebeecraft:


A variety of chooses would be listed there,Beebeecraft has a variety of jewelry making beads available. Why not going and checking the list to make some changes?



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