Beebeecraft DIY Adorable Suede Cord Bracelet with Buttons and Lace for Kids

Summary: We are so excited to share this Beebeecraft suede cord bracelet DIY project for kids here! Our aim is to create quick and easy projects that most people can follow to do, this lovely bracelet with buttons and lace is no exception.

If you need something to spice up your kid’s outfit, bracelets may be the way to go. Making this suede cord bracelet is very simple even for kids and the finished bracelet would be a conversation piece among your kid’s peers and their parents. I bet that your little daughter would go crazy over this cute bracelet and would love to make one for herself and her friends!


Materials and tools needed in this suede cord bracelet:

11mm Round Resin Buttons Pink

15mm Heart Resin Button Pink

3mm Faux Suede Cord Pink

20mm Brass Ribbon Ends

15mm Lace Trim

Jump Rings

Lobster Claw Clasp


Hot Glue Gun

Instruction for making bracelets for kids:

Step 1: clasp lace trim and suede cord with ribbon ends

1st, cut out a strip of lace trim and a string of suede cord with same length;

2nd, lay the suede cord on lace trim along the middle line; clasp both ends with ribbon ends.11mm Round Resin Buttons Pink

Step 2: add embellishments

3rd, cut out a length of suede cord and make three loops as a flower shape. Glue the flower with a heart button in the center on lace trim inclined left;

4th, glue three round buttons on lace trim in place.

Attach lobster claw clasp refer to the step 3 in this tutorial, you can wear the bracelet now!

It would be a good idea to allow your kids to make bracelets for themselves. How about starting with this Beebeecraft buttoned suede cord bracelet? The buttons only need to be glued. And the bracelet made by their hands must be their favorite and they will cherish the result more.

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