Simple Beebeecraft Tutorial on How to Make an Easy Chenille Rabbit Craft

Summary: Here is a Beebeecraft tutorial on how to make an easy chenille rabbit craft. This soft material will make it feel like real rabbit.


Rabbits are cute animals in our mind and all kid like them very much. Today, I will give you an instruction on how to make an easy rabbit craft for your kids. I choose the chenille sticks jewelry craft supplies to make the rabbit craft as they meet the soft feature of the rabbits’ fur. Hope your kids will like it.

Materials and tools needed in the chenille rabbit craft:

Pandahall Elite White Pearl Beads
Gray Pearl Beads
Cleaner Chenille Sticks
Bent Nose Pliers
DIY Jewelry Tool Sets

Instructions on how to make a chenille rabbit craft:

Step1: Make the chenille stick into rabbit shape

1st, wrap a piece of cleaner chenille stick across a pen like the picture show;
2nd, take down the cleaner chenille stick and bend it into a rabbit shape.

Step 2:Add a yellow chenille stick to the ass place of the rabbit.

Step 3: Add 2 4mm gray pearl beads and a 4mm white pearl bead to the rabbit, they will be the eyes and mouth of the rabbit.

The final look of the chenille rabbit craft:


Wow, it’s so easy to make the chenille rabbit craft, and I made two rabbits of different colors. They are so cute and my kids like them very much. You can try to make some from Beebeecraft for your kids and they will like them, too.

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