Beebeecraft Glass Rhinestone Beads- perfect cutting surface

Summary: Rhinestone is a kind of synthetic diamond. It is shiny, glass jewels. The glass rhinestone beads look very shining like diamond but it is much cheaper than diamond. So they are very suitable jewelry craft supplies for DIY.

Our glass rhinestone beads are handmade in different shapes and colors to meet your demands. And it is very popular in jewelry making now. You can also use them to decorate your other articles such as shoes and clothes. I believe they will make you more beautiful. Next, please let us to know three shapes of glass crystal beads.


1.Cone Glass Rhinestone Beads

These beads are with nobility. High polished craft gives the beads scintillating sheen. You can glue them to the articles that you want to decorate. They will make your articles more outstanding.

2.Octagon Glass Rhinestone Beads

These beads are incised perfectly. Seen from whichever direction they can reflect lights. Their vivid shapes are the results of the remarkable three-dimensional design. They can used to make various jewelries such as bracelets and rings. And you can also use them to decorate your jewelries.

3.Drop Glass Rhinestone Beads

These beads are made in different colors and all the beads are very pretty. You will like them once you see them. They have similar usages with the first two shapes of beads. You can use them in the way as you like.

There are other shapes of glass rhinestone beads on our web store such as heart, rectangle and triangle. you can visit Beebeecraft to have a look.Hope they can help you when you DIY your jewelries.


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