Beebeecraft instruction on Shell beads- great for jewelry making

Summary: Shell beads, also known as mother pearl, are a kind of alternative pearl jewelry. Now, they are very popular in Europe and America.

Shell beads will make you outstanding in the crowd because of their distinctive shapes and stunning colors. Next, Beebeecraft will introduce you the shell beads.

Our shell beads are made from different materials such as freshwater shell, shell& resin, paua shell, spiral shell and so on. Different materials contribute to various features of the shell beads. We can list some examples for you. The freshwater shell looks very clean and simple. The shell & resin beads are attractive for its shell inside. The shells are wrapped by transparent resin on the outside. They look very shinny and beautiful. They will attract your eyes at your first glance. And the paua is one of the most beautiful shells because of its intense variation of color. The brilliant iridescent patterns catch glints of light when viewed from different angles, creating a dance of intense ocean colors.


Since shell beads have sparkling colors and elegant designs, they will make your jewelry eye-catching. These fashion shell beads are popular for bracelet, necklace and other jewelry that you DIY. And the jewelry made by shell beads can be either casual-chic or elegant. No matter which style of the jewelry you want, the beads can meet all of your needs. These shell beads can also mix with other kinds of beads to create different designs. They will make your jewelry unique.

Shell beads are available in different sizes from 1mm in diameter to 44mm, which can meet customers’ different needs for size. These beads are sold by strand or by number. They are handmade into different colors and several shapes (flat round, square, oval, flower, drop, heart, rectangle, and etc.). Shell beads are faceted. I am sure you will find one you like.

So are you interested in our shell beads?  You are welcome to visit our website to purchase them; we owns the brand Pandahall Elite, Sunnyclue, beadthoven and other which offers the highest quality and great competitive prices at the same time just for you.

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