Beebeecraft Different Style Transparent Acrylic Beads Gives You Different Surprises

Summary: Transparent beads are very nice among jewelry craft supplies. They have attractive appearances and beautiful colors which can make your jewelry more pretty. All transparent acrylic beads are available in different shapes and sizes.

Transparent acrylic beads have a similar look to Swarovski crystal beads. With colorful faceted surfaces, these beads lend a touch of sparkle to jewelry designs. You won’t regret ordering these beads. Read on for more information about transparent acrylic beads.


We have transparent acrylic beads in four styles including frosted, bead in bead, silver lined, and alphabet style. Each style has its characteristics such as the style of bead in bead. This style of beads is two-tier. White beads in inner layer are surrounded by a transparent acrylic bead in an outer layer. This design makes the beads more mysterious and beautiful. The four styles of beads look like those shown below.

You can find transparent acrylic beads in different sizes, shapes and colors. The size ranges from 1mm to 39mm in diameter. These beads are made into different shapes such as plants, animals, round, heart, drop cube and so on. The color includes clear, green, black, purple, red, yellow and so on. We can offer almost every color you want.

Transparent acrylic beads are widely used. We can use them to make jewelry and some interesting crafts. For example, the frosted style of beads is very cute and kids like them very much. You can add the earring settings findings to make earrings, or add some jewelry string to make bracelet and necklaces, or make some accessories for them. And the transparent designs make glittering and lovely jewelry. You can try to create some crafts with the transparent acrylic beads.


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