Beebeecraft Paper Quilling Tool Using Guide

Summary: This Beebeecraft article is ready for the beginners to start paper quilling. We introduce you the tool you need for quilling as well as how to use such tools. Get start quilling from the quilling tool.


This is a detailed introduction on how to use quilling tools in quilling crafting. The tools listed below are commonly used, which are easy to grasp for beginners.

Quilling Tools:
Quilling Model Board
Rolling Pen

Rolling Pen & Quilling Model Board

A rolling pen is designed to roll quilling paper into basic tight coil and loose coil.
A quilling model board is designed to help you adjust the sizes and create various shapes for quilling crafting.

How to use:

1st, cut a piece of quilling paper, fix one end of the rolling pen, and go on with one hand holding the refill while the other hand rolling the pen carefully;
2nd, insert the coil in the quilling model board to adjust the sizes;
3rd, stick the tail with glue and dry out. You’ve finished the loose coil pattern so far.

With this basic loose coil pattern, you can make attractive colorful quiling paper ball ornaments as below:

With the help of rolling pen, it is easy to make tight coil. The procedures are same with the loose coil, while the only difference lies in the strength in rolling.

Quilling paper snowman craft with the basic tight coil:

Tweezers & Glue

Tweezers are used to fix, hold and press the basic quilling patterns for shapping.
Glue are used to stick the tail of the quilling paper, or fix the quilling patterns on a certain surface.

How to use:

1st, once you’ve made the basic loose coils, fix and press a certain poit with tweezers;
2nd, continue to press the quilling pattern to reshape it. You’ve finished the slug and teardrop pattern so far.

With tight coil and teardrop pattern, you can make a simple quilling flower necklace as below:

This introduction on basic quilling tools has come to the end. I hope it would be helpful for beginners. If u love quilling crafts and jewelry, u will never miss that. There are a variety of quilling paper and jewelry craft supplies for u on Beebeecraft.


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