Beebeecraft Crystal European Beads-Radiant Angels

Summary: Crystal European beads always shine with dazzling lights. They are so crystal clear that people can’t help loving them. Next, here are some Beebeecraft information about crystal European beads to let you know them better.

Do you want your bags more shining? Do you want to be more attractive? Pandahall Elite Crystal European beads can help you. Some of them are made up of single color crystal while others are made of different colors of crystals. Here we introduce you some groups of them in different shapes.


  1. Rondelle Crystal European Beads

They consist of Swarovski crystal or normal crystal. And they all look gorgeous and noble. Rondelle crystal European beads can be used in making bracelets, necklace and earrings and so on. It’s very easy for you to draw people’s attention when you are wearing them.

  1. Column Crystal European Beads

The column crystal European beads in our web all consist of Swarovski crystal. They can be made into jewelries too. And the jewelries will be very pretty.

  1. Rectangle Crystal European Beads

Beads in this shape are very special and rare. And the crystal makes them more shining and pretty. People wearing this kind of jewelries will be very outstanding. You can have a try.

  1. Tubbish Crystal European Beads

Beads in this shape give people more choices. People can make whatever they want with them, such as jewelries, all kinds of models and some decorations.

Here we list four shapes of crystal European beads. Rondelle is the most common on making jewelry. Hope there is at least one kind you like. Let’s start to create our own jewelries with the European Beads .


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