Beebeecraft Simple Patterns on Making Personalized Alphabet Beads Bracelet

Summary: Learn how to make a personalized alphabet beads bracelet in Beebeecraft, and make a personalized beads bracelet to show your identity.


A bracelet with your name or your hobbies will be amazing. You can get the basic information you want just from his or her personalized alphabet beads bracelet. So this alphabet bead bracelet is very suitable for people to show themselves in an unfamiliar place. Hurry up and show yourself.

Supplies needed in making personalized alphabet beads bracelet:

Alphabet Acrylic Beads
Transparent Acrylic Beads
Metal Alloy Beads
Crimp Beads
Toggle Claps
0.38mm Tiger Tail
Wire Cutter Plier
Round Nose Plier
Flat Plier

How to make a personalized alphabet beads bracelet?

Step1: Make one part of the claps

1st, cut 20cm tiger tail;
2nd, thread a crimp bead, toggle claps to one sixth of the wire, and then back through tiger tail to the crimp bead;
3rd, crash the crimp bead with flat plier and cut the extra wire of the short one.

Step2: Bead the personalized alphabet beads bracelet

1st, slide a metal alloy bead and a transparent acrylic bead onto the wire, and repeat to make other four pairs, finally add an alloy bead again;
2nd, string the alphabet beads “music” in reverse order, or the name that is special or important to you;
3rd, bead an alloy bead and a transparent acrylic bead, and repeat to make another five pairs, remember that it depends on your wrist size.

Step3: Finish the alphabet beads bracelet

1st, thread the wire through a crimp bead and the T-bar, and then back through it to the crimp bead, finally pull the wire tight;
2nd, crash the crimp bead with the flat plier and cut the extra wire.


The personalized alphabet bracelet has been done. Have you got the methods from the above alphabet bracelet patterns? You can also get all the jewelry making findings and beads of the bracelet on Beebeecraft. If you have done, show your personalized alphabet beads bracelet and let us know you. If you don’t, keep trying and you will done it at last.

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