Beebeecraft Wire Wrapped Loop Tutorial- Practical Loops for Jewelry Pendant

Summary: Wire wrapped loop is necessary when you make jewelry pendants,or linked jewelry, in this tutorials, you will learn how to make wire wrapped loop for jewelry.

How to make wire loops for jewelry?

Step1: Unloop one end of an eye pin and add a faceted abacus bead onto it. Then use jewelry making tools round nose pliers to grasp the wire up against the bead as shown.

Step2: Bend the wire toward one side, and then bend the rest of the wire, over the nose of the pliers, and all the way around the pliers to form a loop.

Step3: Grasp the wire tail and wrap it all the way around the base of the wire just below the loop until it is completely covered with wraps.

Step4: Use side cutters to cut off the extra wire tail.

Step5: Squeeze the end of the wire flat with chain nose pliers.

Step6: So the wire wrapped loop is finished.

So far the tutorial of how to make wire wrapped loops for jewelry is finished. Just need some beads, jewelry making findings and jewelry making tools, you can make the pendants and links to make jewelry. This kind loop can be matched with many beads and jewelries.

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