Beebeecraft Lightweight Resin beads and components

Summary: Discover an extensive array of beads and charms offers more fun and creativity to our craft making occasions. In this Beebeecraft post, I will show you some useful information about lightweight resin beads.

These functional resin beads may definitely inspire a lot while crafting. Unlike the glass beads or gemstones beads, the resin beads are lightweight but adding a bold color palette to your jewelry designs at meanwhile. These beads are wholly handmade and for exactly that reason each of them may vary in size and color. So if you are about to collect some for your ensuing projects, checking out for detailed introductions by following episodes accord to sales.


  1. Flower-shape resin beads

To make your jewelry ornaments a little more feminine touch, these adorable flower-shape resin beads are totally one of the best choice. They can be adopted as focal pieces on your necklace, bracelet and earrings, even more be placed in the bezels and matching cabochons settings.

  1. Resin Rhinestone Beads

The resin rhinestone beads, judging from its literal meaning, is the type of bead consists of resin basic and rhinestone adornments. It is a perfect combination of soft texture and dazzling shine. In the famous basketball wives earrings and shamballa bracelets, the Resin Rhinestone Beads also make distinctive effects.

  1. Resin Cabochon

For those who are pursuing the retro and vintage trends, you’ll crazily love these resin cabochons. Each cabochon comes in classic pattern and color palette, including black, white, ivory and colorful. These stunning pieces will add dramatic dimension to any design and figure a fabulous profile.

Whatever, there are far more than types and kinds I’ve showcased in this post. Perfect for jewelry crafting ideas, you can also try them with your bags, shoes and garments. Each piece will inspire your designs with fun and creativity.

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