Beebeecraft 6 Easy Steps to Make a Black Beaded Bowknot Ring

Summary: This tutorial will teach you how to make a black beaded bowknot ring. I’m sure you won’t be baffled by this quick-to-learning ring. And this ring is very gorgeous. Do you have interest to make it?


This black beaded ring is cute with the bowknot. Do you love this black bead jewelry? I like it very much. It costs little materials and time, so it is time and money saving. You can make it in your spare time and you will get a great jewelry.

Materials in black beaded bowknot ring:

Bicone crystal glass beads
Pandahall Elite Seed beads
brass wire

How to make a black beaded bowknot ring?

Step1: Slide 5 seed beads and 4 bicone glass beads onto the wire alternately, and thread the two ends through a bicone glass bead.

Step2: Slide 5 seed beads and 4 bicone beads onto one end and thread the end through the last bicone bead added in the step1.

Step3: String 3 seed beads and 2 bicone beads onto the right wire alternately and thread the wire back through the beads except the last seed bead, and then thread the wire through the right first s eed bead.

Step4: Repeat the step3 with the left wire.


Step5: Slide seed beads onto the left wire until you get your desired length.

Step6: Tie a knot with the two wires.


So the Beebeecraft black beaded bowknot ring is finished. It is so cute. Make more to send your friends as gifts. They will love them.


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