Beebeecraft Free Patterns on Making a Simple Ear Cuff with Wire in few Minutes

Summary: This article is to display you how to make a simple ear cuff with wire. Hope you will like this easy Beebeecraft jewelry making ear cuff.


Silver copper wire is the only jewelry craft supplies in making this simple ear cuff. And you don’t need to worry about any difficult techniques, because wire wrapping is the technique used in this ear cuff. Now let’s follow me to learn the detail methods from the clear ear cuff patterns.

Supplies needed in making this simple ear cuff:

0.8mm Silver Copper Wires
Round Nose Plier
Wire Cutter Plier
Jewelry making tools Flat Plier

How to make an ear cuff with wire?

Step1: cut 15cm copper wire and fold back left end at the two-thirds point, and then fold the right one at middle of the whole wire. You must be sure that the folded wires are in one flat.

Step2: bend the corner with the flat plier as shown. You should know that the wide of ear cuff depends on your ear.

Step3: roll two ends toward the middle of the copper wire with the round nose plier.


So your simple ear cuff is completed. I think you have learnt how to make an ear cuff from those clear patterns. Have a try and make a simple ear cuff for yourself.


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