Easy Beebeecraft Instruction on Making a Stretch Bracelet with Glass Teardrop Beads

Summary: This is a step-by-step Beebeecraft tutorial on how to make a super easy glass bead bracelet. All things needed are a strand of glass teardrop beads and inches of clear elastic cord.


Making stretch bracelet is one of the best to explore your creativity in jewelry making. You just need simple jewelry craft supplies and simply by getting a strand of clear elastic beads, then arrange the beads in according to your personal preference, and you’ll make the bracelet in less than 20 minutes! The following is how I make my stretch glass bead bracelet!

Supplies needed in making the glass bead bracelet:

Electroplate crystal Glass Beads
Elastic Cord

How to make the stretch glass bead bracelet?

Step 1: Cut a 25cm piece of elastic cord.

Step 2: Slide the glass teardrop beads one by one.

Step 3: Adjust the positions of each bead.

Step 4: Tie a firm surgeon knot and then remove any excess parts if necessary.


As a beginner, you’ll be more confident after trying this stretch bead bracelet. Whereas, as a skilled jewelry crafter, making such an easy glass bead bracelet might be another brand new challenge. Just enjoy yourself!

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