Beebeecraft DIY Cheap and Easy Halloween Ideas – How to Make a Spider Hair Clip

Summary: Here is a cheap and easy Halloween Idea on how to make a spider hair clip. Hope you will like it.


Halloween is a crazy festival for young people, so I design this crazy spider hair clip for young girl. It’s a cheap and easy Halloween idea, you can buy the jewelry craft supplies and make it at home with your kids. Kids always have special feeling to animal, therefore, the red spider hair clip will be a surprise for them in Halloween.

Materials and tools needed in the spider hair clip:

Pandahall Elite Lampwork Beads Strands
Iron Hair Findings
Red Cleaner Chenille Stick
Iron Scissors
DIY Jewelry Tool Sets
Material Kit

Step 1: Cut off a piece of red cleaner chenille stick and wrap it into a circle group, then add a hair clip to the middle side.

Step 2:Stick 2 pieces of lampwork beads to the red circle group.

Step 3: Cut off 8 pieces of about 10cm red cleaner chenille stick and bend them as the pictures show, they will be the feet of the red spider.

The final look of the red spider hair clip:

You just need to wear the Beebeecraft circle group clip on your hair and stick the eight feet across the circle group. It looks like a spider is walking on your hair. It’s so interesting that I can’t wait to wear it on Halloween.


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