Beebeecraft Easy Halloween Crafts With Toilet Paper Tubes for Kids

Summary: This article shares an easy Beebeecraft Halloween craft for kids to make, and it is 图片6


Toilet paper tubes can be made into many crafts such as pen box, paper animals, paper house and so on. Today I transfer the toilet paper tube to Halloween decoration – paper freak. All you need is to prepare some threads, glue gun set and some beads.

Materials you will need:

Paper Tube
Pandahall Elite Blue Evil Eye Bead
Sky Blue Evil Eye Bead
Jewelry string Black Nylon Thread
Glue Gun

How to make the paper freak?

Step 1: Shape the paper tube

1st, clip the top with a wave shape;

2nd, cut 2 paper strips and stick them to the paper tub.

Step 2: Finish the paper freak

1st, press the glue gun and paint glue on the paper tube;
2nd, wrap the thread and stick it to the tube;

3th: add evil eyes to it.

Here comes the final look! It is easy to make, isn’t it?

Since this Halloween paper craft is simple and easy to make, we call it a craft for kids, but do pay attention to the glue gun which may cause harm to kids. So just make it with your kids and enjoy the great joy with your kids!

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