Beebeecraft Simple Wire Wrapped Colorful Skull Beads Halloween Tree

Summary: This is a detailed Beebeecraft tutorial on making simple Halloween craft. I made a DIY Halloween tree with beads and wires. Hope you like it.


This article aims at inspiring those who are thinking about what to make for Halloween decorations. Today I made a simple Halloween craft- DIY Halloween tree with colorful skull beads and wires. Click DIY KIT to buy material box and make one by following the instructions below.

Supplied in the skull bead Halloween tree:

Colorful Skull Beads
Cat eye beads
Jewelry string Gold Aluminum Wire
0.5mm Black Copper Wire
0.5mm Silver Copper Wire
Jewelry making tools Side Cutting Plier
Round Nose Plier

Instructions on making the skull beaded Halloween tree:

Step 1: Make an outline

1st, prepare an aluminum wire and twist it into a circle, making loops at the ends;
2nd, mix and wring some black and silver wires;
3rd, cut off the wires from the middle and tie the wires to the aluminum circle as pictured.

Step 2: Thread the colorful skull beads to finish it

1st, divide the wires to groups by making 2 wires a set. Thread the skull beads to them in sequences and tie the wires tightly to the aluminum circle;
2nd, make the colorful skull tree branches one by one until finishing the Halloween tree.

With just 2 steps, my skull bead Halloween tree is made! I love this simple halloween craft!

So, I’ve finished the diy halloween tree with wires and skull beads! I hope my article would be helpful for those who are wondering what to make for halloween decorations. Besides, there are many halloween skull decorations at this website, so you can find one to make for the coming Halloween.

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