Beebeecraft tutorials on How to Make a Cute Black Cat Eye Mask for Halloween

Summary: Here is an easy Beebeecraft tutorial to teach you how to make a black cat eye mask. If you’re happened to need an eye mask for Halloween, it’s a good idea to make a cute eye mask by hands.


Is it difficult to find out an eye mask that is cute but at the same time in accordance with the theme of Halloween? If you have no idea, let us help you with this tutorial ‘how to make a cute black cat eye mask for Halloween’! Wearing a cute and unique black cat mask at home or on a sleepover is so cool!

What do you need?

8mm round Glass Beads Strand

4mm round Glass pearl Beads Strand

10mm Satin Ribbon

25mm Lace Trim

Cotton Cloth


Sewing Threads



Hot Glue Gun


How to make a cat eye mask?

Step 1: make a cat shape and sew features

1st, cut out two cat shapes from black felt;

2nd, then cut out two larger pieces from cloth and two smaller pieces from white felt as ears, and a piece from white felt as nose;

3rd, glue ears and nose on a cat shape in place;

4th, sew decorative lines of ears and nose along edge of white felt;

5th, glue a pom-pom on nose;

6th, sew cat’s whiskers with white sewing thread.


Step 2: add embellishments

7th, cut a strip of lace trim which is longer than the perimeter of cat shape;

8th, insert a half of lace trim between two cat shapes, sew them while ruffling the lace trim;

9th, add two strips of satin ribbon when sew to both sides as lacing;

10th, stuff the mask and continue to sew;

11th, sew a circle of small beads around each ear part;

12th, sew some large beads over the small ones.


With this cat eye mask, there is no doubt that you must be the focus among your friends. Not to mention that such a cute black cat eye mask is made by you in person. For parties, create a mask to match this eye mask for Halloween party is also a good idea and is easy to be accomplished.


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