Beebeecraft Bead Garland and Bead Christmas Tree Ornaments within 30 minutes

Summary: This tutorial will show you the specific steps about making colorful beaded Christmas tree and garland ornaments. Whim yourself up and have a try!



If you had plenty of flat round or disk-shaped beads, what would you do with them? This question is left for you; I have gotten inspiration and realized it in this tutorial, that is, I utilized those beads and made cute Christmas tree and garland ornaments.

The necessities for beaded Christmas tree and garland ornaments:

0.38mm string materials golden tiger tail wire
12mm synthetic turquoise beads
14mm wood nut beads
8mm colorful acrylic beads
Star shape acrylic beads
10mm mother of pearl buttons
Golden Jewelry making chain cross chain
Golden head pins
30mm acrylic rhinestone button
24mm acrylic rhinestone button
Red ribbon
Round nose plier
Flat nose plier
Glue gun

Details about making beaded Christmas tee and garland ornaments:

Step 1: Make beaded Christmas tree

1st, string 5 shell buttons onto the parallel golden head pins;
2nd, add a 30mm acrylic rhinestone button;
3rd, add a 24mm heart-shaped rhinestone button;
4th, string yellow and green wood beads, then the synthetic turquoise beads;
5th, string a red abacus bead and pink star bead;
6th, bend the pins’ ends into 90 degrees and loop one;
7th, coil the other one around the loop;
8th, pick a 12cm length of chain and attach the beaded Christmas tree onto it.

Step 2: Make beaded garland

1st, cut a 20cm length of tiger tail wire, knot one end to avoid beads falling down and string 2 turquoise, 1 wood, 2 colorful acrylic beads and 2 shell buttons onto wire;
2nd, repeat such beading pattern fourth; I replace the final buttons with two turquoise beads;
3rd, back the wire all the way through the garland;
4th, tie a firm knot there and hide rest wire into beads.

Step 3: Make ribbon bowknot for garland

1st, cut a 12cm length of red ribbon;
2nd, wrap it into bowknot shape and sew it;
3rd, cut a 3cm length of ribbon scrap;
4th, glue it around the bowknot center;
5th, at its back, sew a jump ring;
6th, pick a 10cm length of cross chain, and hook jump ring onto bead garland and chain.

The final look of beaded Christmas tree and garland is like this:

Tada! I have done the beaded Christmas tree and garland ornaments. Now you have collected one idea. If you grab some new ideas about beaded Christmas ornaments, just try them.

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